Heading of Block is set to its name at creation time.

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[ContentType(GUID = "93E02D00-1BA4-404E-9D04-BD6433E3AE6E")]
public class TechnicalDetailsBlock : SiteBlockData, ICreatingContentHandler
    public virtual String Heading { get; set; }

    public void CreatingContentHandler(object sender, ContentEventArgs e)
// ReSharper disable SuspiciousTypeConversion.Global
        var technicalDetailsBlock = e.Content as TechnicalDetailsBlock;
// ReSharper restore SuspiciousTypeConversion.Global
        if (technicalDetailsBlock != null)
            technicalDetailsBlock.Heading = e.Content.Name;

Explained doing strange casting

ICreatingContentHandler described

Folders for tree block structure

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ContentReference static members

That picture reminds me that there are as well folder for Blocks and I have take advantage of this structure at some point. So far only using page structure for pages.

When its null? ContentArea vs Block

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I had mistunderstanding with myself, and I want now to clarify.

Block can never be null according to Joel (link missing).

public virtual MyBlock MyBlock { get; set;}

ContentArea can be null and very often is. (whatever is empty collection or similar, is stored in DB as null)

public virtual ContentAre Pages { get; set;}