Shorter epi prefix for EPiServer:Property

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Declaration of a property output in Page.aspx. This is one the most common code through the whole solution.

<EPiServer:Property runat="server" PropertyName="ContactsArea"></EPiServer:Property>

I like to make repetitive markup to be smaller and have:

<epi:Property runat="server" PropertyName="ContactsArea"></epi:Property>

In your web.confing instead of

<add tagPrefix="EPiServer" namespace="EPiServer.Web.WebControls" assembly="EPiServer" />
<add tagPrefix="EPiServer" namespace="EPiServer.Web.WebControls" assembly="EPiServer.Web.WebControls" />
<add tagPrefix="EPiServer" namespace="EPiServer.Framework.Web.WebControls" assembly="EPiServer.Framework" />

you put:

<add tagPrefix="epi" namespace="EPiServer.Web.WebControls" assembly="EPiServer" />
<add tagPrefix="epi" namespace="EPiServer.Web.WebControls" assembly="EPiServer.Web.WebControls" />
<add tagPrefix="epi" namespace="EPiServer.Framework.Web.WebControls" assembly="EPiServer.Framework" />

Why I don’t like Web Forms in EPiServer

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It can be avoided using Macio code (lambdas).

Feedback after academy

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I had an Academy today. It’s a time when anybody from company can have a presentation on any topic. I had a presentation about EPiServer 7 (MVC) development.

I want to point the feedback I get to not forget it for the next Academy:

  • I could focus on less topics, but cover them more deeply with more examples
  • It was too much chaotic, I was not following a plan (there was no strict plan, let’s say). And it would be difficult to make the same presentation again.

Fill CurrentPage after PostBack in MVC

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public class PageContextActionFilter : IResultFilter
    private readonly IContentLoader _contentLoader;

    public PageContextActionFilter(IContentLoader contentLoader)
        _contentLoader = contentLoader;

    public void OnResultExecuting(ResultExecutingContext filterContext)
        var model = filterContext.Controller.ViewData.Model as IPageViewModel<StandardPage>;
        if (model == null)

        // code like in Alloy Template

        // When ViewModel is posted back to server by POST, CurrentPage is null, so its set here
        if (model.CurrentPage == null)
            var pageReferene = filterContext.RequestContext.GetContentLink();
            var concreteModel = model as PageViewModel<StandardPage>;
            if (concreteModel != null)
                var currentPage = _contentLoader.Get<StandardPage>(pageReferene);
                concreteModel.CurrentPage = currentPage;

    public void OnResultExecuted(ResultExecutedContext filterContext) { }

TinyMCE in EPiServer

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You can embed a video using TinyMCE, and there is even a preview:
insert video in TinyMCE EPiServer

Defenition of done

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For EPi page/task (still WIP)

• Validators
• Localization of everything user visible (this is tricky, sometimes it’s better to leave it to one person responsibly for this near the end).
• Description of done things, funny, some info funny info for customer like in Joel.
• Explain to person responsible for contacting customer, but first let them read the Description from previous point.

EPiServer misc

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Post that is constantly being edited.

ImageAlternateText is better name than ImageDescription, then we are talkinga bout alt attribute needed for images.

string.IsNullOrEmpty(Container.Item.Intro ?? “”) – czy gdy wrocimy do pustego to bedzie null czy puste?
– gdy wrócimy do pustego to jest nullem, więc nie trzeba żadnych IsNullOrEmpty() robić.

private readonly IContentLoader _contentLoader;
Zamiast IContentRepository

var currentContextPage = ControllerContext.RequestContext.GetContentLink();


[Required] nadawać na rzeczy od których zależy logika w innych miejscach. Czyli gdy jest to:

public virtual string CatalogNode { get; set; }

W przypadku rzeczy które też muszą być, ale ostatecznie będzie tylko gorzej wyglądać to bym nie ograniczał:

public virtual String Subtitle { get; set; }