Refactoring: EnableDisableButtons

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Było tak:

private void EnableButtons()
    SortOptionByReferenceButtonIsEnabled = true;
    SortOptionByTabletVersionButtonIsEnabled = true;
    SortOptionByOnlineVersionButtonIsEnabled = true;
    SortOptionByProductButtonIsEnabled = true;
    SortOptionByLabelButtonIsEnabled = true;

private void DisableButtons()
    SortOptionByReferenceButtonIsEnabled = false;
    SortOptionByTabletVersionButtonIsEnabled = false;
    SortOptionByOnlineVersionButtonIsEnabled = false;
    SortOptionByProductButtonIsEnabled = false;
    SortOptionByLabelButtonIsEnabled = false;

Zamieniamy na:

private void EnableButtons()

private void DisableButtons()

private void EnableDisableButtons(bool isEnabled)
    SortOptionByReferenceButtonIsEnabled = isEnabled;
    SortOptionByTabletVersionButtonIsEnabled = isEnabled;
    SortOptionByOnlineVersionButtonIsEnabled = isEnabled;
    SortOptionByProductButtonIsEnabled = isEnabled;
    SortOptionByLabelButtonIsEnabled = isEnabled;

Jak dobrze nazwać metodę EnableDisableButtons?

TODO: pokazać jak w R# szybko takie rzeczy się refactoruje.

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